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This article discusses one of the last changes that IT is making to your computer in the Novell migration. This step is the removal of the Novell and Zenworks clients.

Why do I care about this?

The main reason you might care about this change is that it should make your computer faster to start up in the morning! We are removing the remaining system programs and services running on your computer that enable access to the old Novell servers that we are retiring. We are also getting rid of the USM Apps folder from your Start Menu, replacing it with a new USM Applications folder. You can find out more about this feature on the Installing Applications on USM Owned Windows Computers page.

What will it look like?

For Windows XP and Windows 7 machines the actual process will be silent until it is done and you have to restart your computer. We don't like interrupting your work but if you don't restart your computer after the uninstall process then at some point you will most likely start to have stability issues. We do give you a four hour window after the process finishes to restart your computer in case you are in the middle of doing something important.

You will see the following notification after the software is removed.

Windows 7Windows XP

If you click on the notification you will get the following window.

You can click restart to restart now or hide to do it later.

If you hide it and want to restart later you can click on the icon in the system tray to get back to the restart window.

You'll then get a menu where you can choose to restart now or open the restart window.

If you click Restart Now you will get another Window with one last chance to postpone the restart.

My Login Screen Looks All Wrong!

After the removal of the Novell client, your login screen will change.You no longer have the familiar login screen like below

Windows 7Windows XP



You now will see this screen.

Windows 7Windows XP



On Windows XP, just ensure that your username is listed in the User name box. Type your password and hit enter or click OK. 

On Windows 7, If your user name is listed, just click on it. In the screenshot above you can see my username of "mg". You will then see the following screen.





Your user ID will now be prefixed with "AD\" this is the name of our new Microsoft Active Directory. When you login to computers on campus you might need to include the "AD\" before your username.




If your user ID isn't listed, click on the "Other User" button.

Then just type in your user ID and password and hit enter or click the arrow button to the right of the password box.

As long as the login succeeded, Windows will now remember your user name and will look like the screen below.

If you ever get to a computer and it doesn't have your ID listed, just click the "Switch User" button.

Where did my Workstation or Computer Only Option go?

Some people with laptops are probably used to clicking the "Workstation Only" or "Computer Only" check box.

Windows 7Windows XP

With our new Microsoft server backend, you no longer need this functionality. When you are away from campus, your computer will try to connect to the servers for a few seconds (8-20 depending on the speed of your computer) and then if it can't, it will use the secure cached credentials on your local computer! Once you login you will need to connect to the VPN to access the USM file servers. Please read this article for more information.

Anything Else I Should Know About?

Some users might see a new password prompt when you start up Groupwise. There used to be a way to have the Groupwise client use the Novell password to automatically login. Since the Novell client is no longer installed, you will need to enter in your password manually when you start Groupwise. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Can I do this now?

If you would like to remove the Novell client now, feel free to go to the USM Application Catalog and run the "Remove Novell and Zenworks Clients". Read this document  for more info on the USM Application Catalog. Once the installation is complete you will be prompted to restart your computer within the next four hours.

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