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Lab Name#% in use / powered on / total
Gorham: Bailey 21931
Gorham: Bailey 32221
Gorham: The Commons@Gorham Library40
1 (2%)  
Lewiston: Classroom 11621
Lewiston: The Commons@LAC33
Portland: Computer Science15
Portland: Law Library2
Portland: Library Glickman54
4 (7%)  
Portland: Library Glickman 518 Classroom0
Portland: Luther Bonney 20231
Portland: Luther Bonney 20362
Portland: Luther Bonney Computer Lab101
2 (1%)  
Portland: Research Administration and Development, 396 Science4
Various: Classrooms & Traveling Machines (ITMS)40
Various: Gorham Dining Center2
Various: Gorham Learning Center, Costello6
2 (33%)  
Various: Learning Resource Center, Masterton1
Various: Multicultural Center, Woodbury3
Various: Muskie Lab, Wishcamper11
Various: Russell Scholars, Woodward2
Various: Woodbury Campus Center5
Overall Data485
9 1%
This screen is currently displaying utilization and power-on percentages for many computer labs here at USM. The percentage in green shows how many stations are in use, while the percentage in red shows those that are powered on and vacant. The gray area indicates how many machines are in this particular lab.

The display will auto-refresh every 60 seconds.

Please click on a lab name below to view a detailed map showing individual station usage and power status.

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